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Alvey's Education Never End Programs Inc. Childcare Linden

Each child is blessed with unique and hidden talents. The various recreational activities in our summer camp will help you decide on your child's interest in pursuing these activities in the future. Let your child attend the best summer camp in town. Conatct our friendly staff to learn about our creative summer camp programs.

Amaze Your Child with Our Summer Camp Program

Are you worried about your child sitting idle at home this summer? We're ready to help. Enrolling your child for our summer camp will keep them fully active and lively throughout the day. Your child will make new friends and play exciting indoor and outdoor games. At Alvey's Education Never End Programs Inc., we have the right ambience and professionals to organize your child's summer events. Give your child the excitement this summer with our challenging learning curriculum and fun filled activities.


We understand that parents still have to work when the kids have a vacation in summer. Often, working parents might not be able to spend sufficient time with their children due to their busy schedule. In this scenario, you can always enroll your child for our 9-week summer camp that will take their excitement to the next level. Your child will cherish every moment of the wonderful time spent at our summer camp. Call

908-925-2569 to learn more.

You can boost your child's talent and potential with our academic program.

Do you want to keep your child engaged this summer?

Call 908-925-2569 to learn about our summer camp program.

We have plenty of engaging activities to keep your child active this summer. Our summer camp is not only fun and exciting, but affordable too! Contact our friendly professionals to learn about the summer camp activities we have for your child.

Wide Array of Summer Camp Services

Accentuate Your Child's Creativity with our Summer Camp

Fun-filled summer camp program for your child

Let Your Child Enjoy the Best Summer Camp Activities

  • Our summer camp is a 9-week fun-filled and academic program

  • We're open from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM

  • Activities include instructions, tutoring, reading, writing, art, music, trips, and food at affordable prices

  • Our summer camp starts when the school year ends and continues till the school commences again

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