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Our college tour program gives a thorough exposure of the Historical Black Colleges and Universities to your child. They will learn about college culture, relish great food, enjoy the game, make new friends, and more. They will be excited to go to college. All our HBCU tour programs are affordable too! Call 908-925-2569 to learn more!

Take Advantage of Our HBCU College Tour Program

Our HBCU college tour program is your gateway to give your child the exposure you’ve always wanted. Ever since we started our services, we’re committed to providing quality HBCU tours. You can rest easy knowing that your child will get the right chance to visit various schools, meet different people, interact with students, and more on a single trip. This HBCU trip will also give your child an insight of the college life, culture, and diversity.


Your child will cherish the HBCU college trip for years to come. In addition, your child will also get entertained with various college shows and games across the campus. Our quality HBCU tour program is scheduled during September - November, every year. Alvey's Education Never End Programs Inc. conducts a college tour where students visit HBCU's during their homecoming game. Contact our friendly staff for our up coming tour and rates.

Our HBCU college tour program is an experience your child will remember and cherish for a lifetime.

Do you wish to educate your child on HBCU college culture?

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When your child becomes part of the HBCU college tour, this would be an experience that they will never forget. This tour consist of: homecoming, football game, step show event,  walking the yard, visiting the campus building, observing fraternities and sororities stepping and strolling, dining on campus, and more. Call 908-925-2569 to learn about our HBCU college tour program today!

Various Activities of our HBCU Tour

Fun-filled Educational Tour Experience

Give your child the best college exposure with our HBCU tour programs.

Educational College Tours for Children

  • Watch the game

  • Walk the yard

  • Visit the gift store

  • Eat delicious food on the college campus

  • Watch the battle of the bands and more

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